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How to manage the first day good-byes with your dignity intact and your kid feeling good about school

How to first day school

This post contains affiliate links.   Who's ready for the first day of school? I'll be the first to confess that I am not. My own anxiety is up as I am nervous about being the new girl after my position disappeared at the school I taught at and loved for fifteen years. It has really made me reflect on the little people I often spend the early part of the first day of school with, … [Read More...]

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Top ten ways to please your teens at their Christmas concerts

Top 10 teen 300

  Our kids, uh... John and Jane Doe, are both in Christmas concerts tonight. John, age 15, is playing sax in one of the high school bands and Jane, 12, is playing recorder with her grade 7 class in what promises to be a real mix of elementary … [Read More...]

What kind of mother would sing this song on the first day of school?

BTS v4rk.png

I overheard a conversation regarding the celebratory nature of the Staples' Back to School ads. I've included one in the playlist below for anyone who has not seen one. There is concern out there that the celebratory nature of these ads might make … [Read More...]

The silence of drowning


I remember the day I learned about the silence of drowning.   When I was about ten years old, my little brother Joe and I sat side by side with our feet in the shallow end of our pool while our mother ran back into the house to get … [Read More...]

Nelson Mandela’s quote a reminder of the wisdom of children


  As we pause to remember Nelson Mandela today, his quote about love coming naturally to the human heart reminds me of what draws me to children. While it is so easy to be consumed by my role in educating them, it is easy to forget about the … [Read More...]

Water: So pretty, yet so powerful

Pretty water

I have been fortunate to live for most of my life around glistening blue water. During my twelve years working in aquatics, I took it for granted and even felt that if there was a day in my future that I never laid my eyes upon another pool, it could … [Read More...]

Math concepts in video games and apps – slipping education into the fun


This page contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my full disclosure policy here.   Have you heard of Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook Deceptively Delicious?   I bring it up with math games and apps … [Read More...]

Julie Cole on priorities and parenting

Julie Cole

I had the pleasure of hearing Julie Cole speak at #MomsMeTimeTO.  Mother of six and co-founder of Mabel's Labels, she is a fountain of wisdom and humor about managing time and priorities. Here are my five top takeaways: 1) Manage your expectations, … [Read More...]

Oprah’s LifeClass Lesson 18: Do Your Eyes Light Up?

The West Aunts

MAGIC people mean the world to others – especially children.     Author Toni Morrison was on The Oprah Winfrey Show when I was in University.  She told the book club group that there was a day when she started asking herself if her face lit up when … [Read More...]

A Vision For Our Kids celebrates two years, and a call out to Mothers to Thrive


This week A Vision For Our Kids celebrates two years. Thank you my dear readers. I have enjoyed our conversations, your comments and connecting with those of you who have reached back through your screens. I started both of my blogs right around … [Read More...]

Losing it – Mommy Style (Part 1)

Kids J's cottage-001

A popular post from the Archives: November 2012 It occurred to me last night that, despite the battles of the wills that can, at times, feel emotionally crippling, my life with a teen and a tween is more manageable now than it was when they were … [Read More...]